Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

BuzzSwat™ specializes in social media monitoring, analysis, and alerts with an emphasis on personal and small business brand management and security. Why? Because social media changes everything – the way consumers shop, the way brands interact with customers, the way candidates run for office, even the way civil ideals become @Occupy Wall Street. The first day Twitter was made public there were 224 tweets. In July 2011, the rate of tweets exceeded 2,240 per second. The explosive growth of social networks far exceeds the ability of individuals or companies to make sense of the chatter. Those who choose to ignore social networks do so at their own peril. Those who embrace and engage the notion of going social will prosper. Check out our social media monitoring and analysis solutions and pricing.

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10. November 2011


Social Media Command Center

BuzzSwat is different. We provide our clients with a Social Media Command Center supported by advanced technology and analysis by trained agents. Our analysts review and determine the intended sentiment of the message within the context of the conversation. We use a proprietary algorithm to assign a significance factor to the chatter based on social influence and many other variables. Our technical solution to support the Social Media Command Center is called ChatterFox™.

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