Insights From Network Intelligence

Exceptional real–time processing speeds for large volumes of network intelligence materials.

USAP is a high–performance and advanced intelligence command center that uses advanced metrics and algorithms to locate and extract sentiment from digital content sources, including mainstream websites, social media outlets, internal servers and incoming news feeds.

Ongoing Discovery

Promote ongoing discovery with a closed-loop, integrated analysis environment. With ongoing evaluations, you can refine models and adjust classifications to reflect emerging topics and new terms relevant to your customers, organization or industry.

Evaluate Sentiment

USAP algorithms automatically extract sentiments in real time or over a period of time with a unique combination of statistical modeling and rule-based natural language processing metrics. Built-in reports show patterns and changing reactions or event correlations.

Identify Perception

Continuously improve customer experience and competitive position. The software searches for and evaluates internal and external content about your organization and competitors, identifying positive, negative, neutral and “no sentiment” texts quantifying perceptions in the market.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

– John 8:32

Opinions are important because they
are key influencers of our behaviors.

Sentiment analysis or opinion mining is the computational study of people’s opinions, appraisals, attitudes and emotions toward entities, individuals, topics and their attributes expressed in text.

USAP helps organizations discover insights from network intelligence materials, associate them for delivery to the right person or place, and provide intelligence to select the best course of action. USAP is an early warning system that answers complex search–and–retrieval questions, ensures appropriate content is presented to internal or external constituencies, and predicts which activity or channel will produce the best effect on existing sentiments. UAT’s USAP platform provides exceptional real–time processing speeds for large volumes of network intelligence materials.

Fully Automated

USAP has automated the time–consuming process of reading individual documents and manually extracting relevant information. Our integrated analytics framework helps organizations maximize the value of information to improve their effectiveness.

Real Time Data

USAP summarizes the sentiment expressed in all available communications collections – identifying trends and creating graphical reports that describe the expressed feelings of consumers, partners, employees and competitors in real time.

Multi Lingual

UAT’s unique hybrid approach combines powerful statistical techniques with linguistics and syntax metrics to improve accuracy at an exceptionally detailed level.

UAT, a leader as an intelligence services provider has once again created a revolutionary platform for intelligence gathering.

Under the HERMES Directive, Umbra Applied Technologies Sentiment Analysis Program (USAP) delivers insights on customer, competitor and organizational opinions to a degree never before possible via manual review of electronic communications.

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